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Aluminum Blinds
A classic look with contemporary elegance

Aluminum Blinds Temescal | Aluminum Blinds Corona

Sleek traditional flair is the hallmark of aluminum blinds.  Almost everyone has heard the term “mini blinds” but these are not the mini blinds of old.

Why choose aluminum blinds?

Aluminum blinds typically referred to as “mini-blinds.”  The term “mini blinds” is popular because of their popularity in homes, businesses, and any buildings requiring window treatments.  The popularity of aluminum blinds derives from their affordability, lightweight, and ease of cleaning.  Aluminum blinds are easier on the wallet, convenient, and versatile enough to be installed in a multitude of decorative themes and color schemes.  Aluminum blinds consist of lightweight aluminum slats, ranging in sizes from the 1/2″ micro, 1″ mini and the 2″ macro, allowing for full customization of your view.  Their sleek design and wide selection of colors and styles make them suitable for almost any Corona and Temescal room décor. 

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Aluminum Blind Features:

  • Lightweight and highly durable
  • Ability to control the amount of light entering a room
  • Provide adequate privacy for a room
  • Easy to clean; resistant to moisture
  • Timeless, classic look
  • Great for functionality and affordability
  • Perfect for residential and commercial settings (business offices, schools, apartments)
  • Available with motorization for added safety and convenience

Aluminum blinds from Made in the Shade Temescal Valley take mini blinds to an entirely new level.  Our full line of aluminum blinds are fully customizable to enhance any décor.  Let one of our in-home experts demonstrate the versatility and affordability of today’s aluminum blinds.

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