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Your Temecula, CA, home, and office are distinctive, possessing possess a style that highlights your personality and has a warm feeling for guests, visitors, and family alike.  The decoration of any room is enriched through professional shade installation. Interior and exterior window shades offer a flexible treatment for any room accommodating both style and privacy.  Automated or manual operation, Made in the Shade Temescal Valley has the shade option for your Temecula home or office.  Shades consist of a single sheet of material or several pieces skillfully woven together.  Shades Temecula.  Even with an overabundance of shade options, the benefit offered by the installation of shades, in your Temecula home or office, is their real-world temperature control function, effectively lowering the amount of heat loss in the winter and the reduction in heat retainment during the summer, in Temecula.  Call today for your free consultation!  (951)609-1239

Shade Options for Your Temecula Home or Office

Your Temecula home or office has many interior rooms and exterior areas that require shade the determination as to the correct shade choice. From an elegant feel to a comfortable sense, or even a bright and open statement. Forming pleats gathered in scallops, rolling from the top of the window and more, shades can be customized to fit your taste and window size.  What follows are the choices available, a short description, and associated product link.  Our Temecula team of experts is well-versed in every shade option and ready to answer any question you may have.

Roller Shades – Roller Shades are an ideal solution for bedrooms, nurseries, media rooms, home theaters, and more, due to their simple roll-up pulley system operation and neat fit within the window casement.  …read more

Solar Shades – Solar Shades are the ideal solution for rooms with a sun glare issue.  Sunglasses for your windows. …read more

Cellular Shades – Honey combed design, fashion friendly, and energy efficient. …read more

Pleated Shades – Pleated Shades signified by accordion-like elegant pleats, both fashionable and affordable. …read more

Roman Shades – Roman shades offer a tasteful, functional, and stylish option that warm up windows while giving security and protection from the sun.  …read more

Sheer Shades – The merging of the complete functionality of blinds with the non-abrasiveness attribute of fabric, providing a method to filter sun light delicately. …read more

Layered Shades – Layered shades are an amazing hybrid of fabric shades and horizontal blinds.  …read more

Woven Wood Shades – Woven Wood shades are the fine wood and natural style option.  …read more

Exterior Shades – Outdoor rooms and patios deserve shade too.  Take your outdoor living to the next level. …read more

Temecula Shades – Accessories and Other Options

Once you have decided which shade type perfectly accentuates your home or office, the next step is to decide on accessories.  Made in the Shade Temescal Valley shades are available in a rich variety of colors and fabrics, providing you the freedom to add to the design that’s right for you.  Customization of your shades is key, from size to style; however, how do you make beautiful shades even better?  The addition of motorization.  Technology is becoming more advanced and more accessible, allowing for the control of anything right from our fingertips, including window treatments.  No more tangled cords or manual adjustments.  Shades now can be controlled with a remote, smartphone, tablet, home automation systems, and with voice commands.  Bring your Temecula Shades into the 21st Century. …read more

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